About Me

This is “Dharmendra Patri” friends call me Dharam, I have over 6.8+ years of expertise in Web Development and has been involved as a Junior Programmer till a Project Manager in few mid level companies. I am capable of leading and executing small to big scale projects, I have an excellent communication skills and project understanding technique which makes it easy for my clients to work with me.

Here in my blog, I will do my best to share what ever I can, over the period of time, I have started to get the feeling like I am a lazy guy, but that shouldn’t be the attitude of an entrepreneur/businessman.

I thank you for taking a while to read about me.

My Quotes :

Love is a crime and marriage is its bail,
If you don’t do it right, you will fail,
And once you fail, your life could be hell.

Ideas are around everyone’s mind,
But only the one in a million succeed who takes the risk.

Laziness is the mother of failure,
Avoid it! No medicine, except self motivation.