Aug 27, 2012

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Life of Dev (Developer)

Just as it is raining now and I had been wondering to write something, Here I am writing the story about a Developer.

So, this story is all about “Dev”, Dev is a developer and he loves to code and he feels so honored about it. Dev always stay busy thinking about the problems he face in his daily life, and most of them are bugs in his code, dev being a true lover of code, can’t sleep at night, and even if he sleeps, he dreams about fixing the bug. Bug is something which is a vital part of Dev’s life, he deals with it daily, every day, every time.

Dev also has a beautiful girl, her name is “Joya”, Dev loves Joya a lot and calls her “Fixi”, as he feels whenever he meet Joya/Fixi he get the solutions to his bug, and hence he gets the idea to fix the errors, bugs he had ever encountered.

Fixi is a very sweet girl, and loves Dev from her whole heart, Fixi works in a Bank and has little knowledge about computer and has an facebook account which she most often use to chat with Dev.

Dev’s day starts at 8.00AM, he get’s up does his daily routines and as a honest employee starts to office to reach there in time, Dev is always burderned with deadlines, work, client expectations, quality code. Being a developer he has to deal with this every day, with all these the thing which take Dev’s sleep away are bugs, errors which he encounters, Dev does his best, try to fix them, at the same time he maintains the quality in his coding, does his best to meet the client’s expectation and deadline. In this whole process he spend a lots of energy, this makes everybody happy, client stays happy, Dev’s project manager, CEO, MD everybody are happy about Dev.

However the only person who loves Dev a lot from her whole heart and always want to be with him is Fixi, and she doesn’t like Dev being involved so much towards his work and giving less time to her. At times, Dev works in the night, mostly in the weekends to meet his office requirements and deadlines.

Fixi on the other hand, has a cool job, she goes in time and comes in time, draw a very decent salary, buy gifts for Dev, but couldn’t give him as Dev is always busy.

This brings some trouble in there relationship, but as they are true lovers, there is no question of breakup, both of them know the reason, Dev also knows that it is him and his work pressure which is making it tough in his life. All this adds a lots of stress to Dev’s life and Dev feels seek. Dev doesn’t take leave, but this time it is not with his hands, he is seek and needs proper rest, more than his body his brain needs proper rest.

Dev applies for the leave for 1 week, but his leave application is denied by there HR, Dev couln’t understand what is the reason, he being worked a lot for his company, given his lots of effort, and when the time has come, the company had denied to allow him a leave for 1 week. He raises the same concern to the HR, and is given the reason that, he can’t simply take the leave, as he is handling the project, and client wants the product to be released in the next couple of days, and (the hidden part is, company knows that Dev is the only one who can make this happen).

Dev gets angry and couldn’t decide as what he should do, and fortunately it was a Sunday today for him, he takes the time to rest at home and think about his future, how to maintain his professional and personal life. After giving a lots of though towards this, Dev decides to quit his organization. But, being a professional, he gives them the resignation and serves the notice period of 45 days. This, situation had made Dev, much stronger and he feels really happy after submitting his resignation, he feels that, he was never so much happy in his entire life time. He feels like, he is a free bird now, he can fly, he is with no restriction. The very next decesion Dev, takes is to join a small company with a decent salary and good balanced life, do some freelancing stuff and leave the life to the fullest with Fixi.

Fixi welcomes Dev’s decision, and there relationship grows even stronger and they feel the happiness being together, they used to spend a lots of time. Now that it is all set, both of them decides to get married. As they are earning good, loving each other a lot, and there is nothing that can stop there marriage.

Finally, the date comes, they gets engaged, and married after. It goes all good for initial months. And after, again problem encounters in Dev’s life, Dev lost his job, his company no longer needed Dev’s service as they don’t have projects, so called recession encounters. And these problems are related to his marriage, personal life, professional life.

How will Dev handle it? I am not so sure about it, I need to talk to Dev, and see what is the path he has taken for this.


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