Sep 5, 2012

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Love hurts when you don’t know

Through to write something more and here is what came to my mind.

This is the story of two beautiful lovers, Jimmy and Jashmin who loved each other un-conditionally, gave every thing towards there relationship and promised to be with each other in the every birth of there life.

There relationship had grown stronger and they were enjoying every moments of there life, cheering it and were very happy about it. One day both decided to go for a long drive and were enjoying the drive. Suddenly they got busy in talking and Jimmy has just lost his eye from the road, from the opposite end a Big Truck was coming and before they realize it was too late, the truck hit there car and it was a severe accident.

Both of them were taken two the hospital with severe injuries, Jimmy was struggling for his life and was more serious than Jashmin. Dr.s tried there best to save both of them but could only save Jashmin. Jimmy lost has taken his last breath at the hospital, however his sole was still there, it just can’t move, it was crying and could only watch his dead body. When Jashmin came to know about this, she just couldnt bear this pain, it was like a lost world for her, because the person to whom she loved more is nomore. There can’t be any big tragedy than this for her, her family members and friends gave support to her and tried to condole her.

Jimmy’s sole however was still there and watching all these, he prayed to god before aswell and now also he prayed to god stating not to take his sole and let him stay near to Jimmy only. Jimmy being a man of truth was close to his beloved god, god had granted him a wish and said he will be there near to Jashmin every time as a cockroach, the reason god granted him this wish was because, he wanted to see if Jashmin ever identify Jimmy, he said the day Jashmin will kiss him (as cockroach) he will get his life back and will be turned out to Jimmy(as human) again.

Jimmy accepts this as he was confident that Jashmin can feel her and kiss her, because he was still feeling that he is a human but he didn’t know the fact that he is turned out being a cockroach now, and Jimmy(being a girl) is afraid of cockroach.

To be cntd…

Will Jashmin can recognize Jimmy or she will be afraid of him because he is like a cockroach, what will Jimmy do so that Jashmin will know it is him. It is a real tough task for him.

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