Feb 24, 2010

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Don’t, Just Don’t take tea/coffee @ Train

Hey Guys,

Just don't, please please don't take tea or coffee at Train (Indian Railways). Its disgusting. I am going to post some real pictures which I have found accidentally. From the picture quality etc you can see that those are not fake.

If you want a healthy life, then just avoid taking tea/coffee may be other foods from IRCTE Pantry Car. Quality of food being prepared there are the worst.

Well, I consider my self lucky in this case, as I dont have a habit of taking coffee/tea, even I dont take at office or at home. But, I know many of the people have a habit of doing so, a lots of my friends has. Be careful guys……

See pics below.

Think Before Drinking tea while travelling by Indian Railway (IRCTC)


1.Caters use toilet water for making tea



2.Your tea is made in a special zone near toilet.



3.Bath heater is used for making tea.



Guys, please forward this link to all your dear ones, for all those who don't know the secret of this tea. Are you going take the tea/coffee again ?

**These snaps were taken  in konkan railway (Janshatabadi Exp.)

  1. Oh! God. I had taken coffee several times in train. VERY Good to know.

    I will stop from now… 🙁

  2. Thanks for this Information, i advised all my frnds about it..
    I never taken this type of Tea, Cofee or food on train except packaged drinking water…

    I m thinking to avoid Packged Drinking water Also…… 🙁

  3. Ha ha, yes dude you may avoid purchasing those railnir.. etc etc branded water bottles. Go for good brands.. LOLss

  4. Pranjal says:

    I have an IRCTC account which is locked second time.
    When i tried to reset the password through forget password link, it asks User id, question and Answer. I provided all the details and it throws an error “Answer is Incorrect”. This happend second time and both the times i tried to login through the actual password.
    I waited for a week and there was no response from IRCTC customer care. I called them up on 24 Hrs. Customer Support at 011-23340000 and it took about 12 calls to make them understand about the issue. When ever i called up the customer support the person attnding the call will redirect me to someone else after listening to my detail and again i need to explain whole story, inshort that was waste of time and money.
    I sent an email at care@irctc.co.in also submit at http://www.consumercourt.in/railways/14030-irctc-login.html and got an automated email as Ticket Confirmation for the request.
    IRCTC should hire service and satisfaction oriented support executives so that it a common man has no pain of wasting time and money.

  5. i am searching for the pnr status of my seat – i am not able to get the updated result – where should i check

  6. thanks for your response – you are really fast thanks a lot

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