Mar 10, 2011

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Google works with username with out having (dot). in it

This is something new for me atleast. One of my friend “Dilip” seems to have discovered this bug at google.

Most of you having gmail account would be having a (dot) . in your usernames. Well, every time you would be trying to login you must be using the correct username (i.e with (dot).

BTW, you can also try login in with out using the (dot) and google still accepts it.

ex- my email id is

I can use OR dharamnew as username for a successful login.

Not sure if any of you already knew about this before, but for sure it is a funny info for those who didnt know about this.

  1. Google in not that dumb to cause this kind of issue.
    Mostly it seems any unused accounts are being allocated to users.
    Yet, we need to confirm it from Google for inside details 🙂 !!!

    • BTW whenever we create any account with having (dot) in it, google blocks the usernames with out having dot in that… as the only special character we enter while login-in can be (dot) and google filters it before even considering the username.

      So google only cares about [a-zA-Z][0-9] as valid inputs 🙂

  2. Yeah….
    Its funny,but its creating problems too.
    Not even just login.Its adding DOT to mail ids while sending bulk mails.So mails are sending to other ids(with DOT).SO its a very big (while sending confidential data).

  3. Few other funny things are also there in gmail username.

    1. Gmail username is case insensitive “” or “” is also accepted.

    2. Those who have no dot(.) on their email address they can add as much as they want. Here we go “” can do “”

    Gmail respond with this issue [ ].

  4. Madan..

    The best thing for we programmers here is, while doing testing for registration we check unique email id. We can use our email id number of times here for registration by manipulating the (dot)s 🙂

    I can use, and so on and on.. huh 🙂

  5. I may not think google can’t handle or bug in this, bcz. Normally programmers validate the username in case of any special characters exists. Google programmers has been validated the username without special characters like vasan.sarvepalli = vasansarvepalli. I did not check any other special character to fulfill this. I think at the time of registration also, they may validate like this

    • 🙂 good to see u her dude… google says it doesnt cate for dots, but it gave us an flexibility to put dots in our usernames to make it present better.

      You can even use as your user id for login in.

  6. Yes dude , my concerns also like that , I may think all the comments are opposite to google functionality, that’s why I gave that comment.

  7. Infact this is not an issue at google, this is a kind of feature provided by google. See below url

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