Dec 29, 2009

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Srisailam, one of the nice pilgrim place

I have thought to give myself a break and to visit some holly place, enjoy the love of nature and to cheer up a little. Thought a lot and finally decided to visit Srisailam. I was just thinking it would be a simple trip. But, the place is just amazing and I can’t stop myself writing about its beauty and I would love to refer this place to pilgrims and nature lovers. If you are tired and stressed up, this is the place you need to visit to gear up your self.

Srisailam is located in the state Andra Pradesh, Lord Shiva’s temple is one of the main attraction there. You should try to visit the temple as early as possible as rush used to be there at temple. People starts standing in the que from morning 4.00AM. I have got a fortunate chance to get the darsan of Shiva Ling there. After finishing the puja and visiting the temple I have headed towards the Rope Way. Remember Rope Way. If you are not going there then your srisailam visit is half. 

There is a Rope Way through which you can go from one hill to another and enjoy the real beauty. You must visit the Akka Maha Devi Caves. It is simply awesome. You will enjoy the 16km Journey on Boat and just hills, green trees, open sky, dazzling sun, glassy pure and cold water of the River during the journey. The cave itself is great and very nice. You will get a chance to visit the mahadevi located inside the cave. 10persons are allowed at once to enter there. And one person is allowed to walk and get the darshan of the Akka Maha Devi’s image. No light will be there inside the cave, so we need to put candles there to see the way. We need to walk on our knee for about 75feet inside that cave.

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Few important things

  1. If you are planning to visit on the week end, better book hotel rooms prior to your visit.
  2. You can get buses from MGBS, JBS. The bus fare would be around 100 to 110INR
  3. Busses starts from 4.00Am and last bus is at 11.30AM after that no busses from Hyderabad. While returning you can find busses till 10.00PM.

Must visit places are

1- Srisailam Temple

2- Rope Way

3- Akka Mahadevi Caves (Need to travel by boat, private and APSTRC boats are available, cost would be around 150 to 200INR)

4- Site Scenes (You can ask auto drivers there, they will take you for the visit, to and fro cost would be around 40INR)

5- Sarpa Rameswari Temple

  1. Good information and photos on akka maha devi caves.
    Thank u.

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