Dec 18, 2009

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Now Kasab is in news all the time.

Mohammad Ajmal Kasab is his full name.  He is the prime accuse of 26/11 (I say, a black day in indian history). Time by time his statements are changing. One day he admits few accuses and other day he denies it. Every Indian are worried, why is he still alive. God knows, but there might be a some unwanted could happen, just to save him. I dont think it is fruit full keeping him alive and interrogating him every time to get some stupid news which he denies in the next day.

From Times Of India (See what KASAB Says today Dec 18th 2009)

“I have not given any confession before the magistrate and my statement has been falsely implicated,” Kasab added.

“I was not present at VT,” said Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, referring to Victoria Terminus, the former name of Mumbai’s main railway station where he is accused of opening fire on November 26.

“I do not know what has happened. Witnesses have come and recognized me because my face looks similar to the terrorists,” he told the judge at the special prison court in Mumbai where he is on trial.

Kasab claimed that “The police have killed the main accused who resembles me and they told me that his name was Abu Ali.”

“I am his look alike. His height and face resembles mine,” Kasasb said.

“That is why I was picked up. I have been framed,” he added, speaking in Hindi.

Kasab, who claimed that he was 20 years old, also denied that he was with Abu Ismail during the attack at CST (VT Station).

He rejected the evidence of a witness, Bharat Tamore, that he was seen with 10 terrorists at Badhwar Park when they got down from a dinghy there.

Kasab said that “do baatein bolkar katham karna chaahtha hoon, aaj bhi mujhe bolne ka mauka nahin mila tho…” (I want to finish by saying two lines, if I don’t get a chance to speak then…)

The judge cut him short and told him that he had to answer questions the court put to him.

Kasab disagreed with Tamore’s version that he had seen the 10 terrorists at Badhwar Park wearing saffron jackets and carrying bags on their back and also a handbag.

Tamore had told the judge in his evidence that he saw two of the 10 terrorists closely and that Kasab was one of them.

Several questions were put to Kasab based on the evidences given by witnesses.

Asked about the dinghy, Kasab said that he did not know anything about the dingy. “I saw the dingy for the first time in the court,” he said.

The case of the prosecution is that the terrorists had reached Mumbai via the dingy.

The lone surviving terrorist captured by the police during the Mumbai attacks was scheduled to give a statement today on evidence introduced against him by the prosecution for his alleged role in the 26/11 terror attacks.

Kasab had made three confessions after his arrest. One was admission of guilt before police soon after his arrest, the other confession was made before a magistrate which is admissible as evidence and the third one was in the trial court when the accused accepted his guilt partially.

Clearly Kasab has decided not to stick to any of these confessions when the court recorded his version today.

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