Dec 9, 2009

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Homeshop18 Review

Homeshop18 Review

HomeShop18 is the first 24 hour shopping channel in India. I have personally shopped there for 3 times, and I would like to share my experience with you. It is not a bad or a good experience but I have learnt something which I am sharing here. HS18 is a very good Dealer, they provide different types product with good and attractive price, they even have a online store where we can make the purchase, the site url is You can trust them for there service and customer support. They have a wide range of products and they says they always gives discount on certain products. upto 75% discount. Bingaa!! Be Ware!! What I would like to say here is, don’t get attracted to all the discounts all the attractive offers, many times I have found that the product price that is listed there is =(equals) to the price quoted in the respective product's website. Ex, you want to purchase a wespro mobile They will say its price is 12000 after discount 4499. Where as, the actuall price you can find in Wespro site is the same or < than that. But, it doesn’t mean that they are always fake. They, provide real discount on certain products mainly branded products. If you want to shop with hs18 then go for branded products and you wont get disappointed. They have a gift coupon system and it is very nice, you can avail upto 500INR discount on any product (Condition :: purchase worth >=2500INR). Isnt that great !!, but always be careful while purchasing. I have ordered a Wespro Mobile and became very very disappointed after getting and using it. I will be writing about my Wespro experience in another blog. I have also ordered a necklese, as I wanted to gift that to my mum. The dealer was SIA Jwellery. I have got that in the worst condition, bad pearl quality, I was very disappointed. But, I have ordered few branded products and they are simply awesome. But, though few products were worst, there customer service is best. They promptly assist you in most of the case. I have asked a refund of full amount for the Pearl Jwellery I have purchased and with out paying a single penny I have got my money back. From my personal experience I would like to suggest one thing here, go with homeshop18 but only for branded products.


Kindly comment about your shopping experience here so that others will benefit.

  1. Thanks for the information. I have also ordered few products of wespro and it is really worst. I don’t recommend HS18.

  2. i had giving order for dell xcd28 mobile on 8-2-11,i am justing sarced that seeing many negative comments of home shop 18 that they give counterfeit items or damaged items will it happen to me also or what just give me a proper solution is home shop 18 good or bad


    • Hello Anip,

      I guess there is nothing to worry about as you have ordered a branded product. If you want to go with HS18 go for branded products. I had ordered following things from them.

      Wespro Mobile – Worst Brang, Got it in worst condition, Didnt work all my money went into the well 🙂 i.e HELL

      A Pearl Jewellery Set for my Mum – But that too I got in worst condition, few perl pendents were in bad condition and damaged, I then had asked them for a full refund and with out paying any amount they issued the refund for me. So, I like it here.

      A IFB Grilled 17ltr MicroOven – Here you go, this is a branded product, I got it in the best condition and as of now it is working perfectly fine.

  3. you were right i got my dell xcd 28 today(11-2-11),it was in good condition and took about 2 days which they it will take and got whatever freebies

    Thanks for the good advice

  4. hi

    i have an idea of purchasing an apple ipad2 product.can i go on and trust them. becoz i m spending a lot of money on this

  5. Hi Guys,

    I too had a very bad feeling on HS18. I placed an order for a bean bag on 1st july 11, Still iam waiting my product to deliver. when ever i call to customer care they keep me on hold and atlast they use tell to wait for 1 to 2 days. the same answer was giving from last week. even the supervisors are also also telling the same..Still now i ddnt received the product at all
    Plz find the below feedback which i given them.

    2011-07-11 – Very Very Bad in delivering the products.I had placed an order on July 1 and it was shipped on 5th and still 11 july.I ddnt received the product.Customer care people were always telling to wait for 24 to 48 hrs

    2011-07-12 – The same answer from customer care people.Agin and again asking me to wait for 1 to 2 days.they even not able to track the courier people.when i ask to cancel the order they r saying it will not possible.I even speak to floor supervisor but no use..

    RashiK->2011-07-12 16:50:47->Dear Naresh, We sincerely apologize for the delay caused in the delivery of the product. Please note we are arranging delivery at the earliest on top priority. Warm regards, HomeShop18 0120-4455918

    2011-07-13 – Again the same answer from floor manager Santhosh.Now he is asking me to wait for 2 to 3 guys are directly telling that u cant track the courier.Guys i am tired and feeling shame to call u again again,plz cancel the order and return back my money.I am placing my feedback in internet so that people can understand how the worst service providing HS18

  6. Rakesh Patel says:

    Never buy any phone from homeshop 18

    I bought lava b8 from homeshop 18 , but after 2 months the started giving me problems so i called homeshop 18 and according to their advise i

    gave phone to service center at vadodara . after 3 week my phone was not repaired ….

    Then i called homeshop18 and ask them “is this the type of product u sell ???” they promised me that they will do the needful and said to give

    phone back to me ….

    since than it has been one month and i didnt get my phone back nor any communication from them.. the only thing i do daily is call the service

    center and they promise to solve problem in 24 hrs. but it has been 60 days since and the problem is not solved …

    Never buy from homeshop 18 ..

    Rakesh Patel


  7. I appreciate your honest feedback…

    infact I was searching for the SIA peals review and got across this….Your feedback was really helpful.

  8. thanks buddy,

    was planning to surprise my wife with a pearl set. But now i think i should take ur advise for not getting lured and rather take her silly piece of advise to make a trip to Hyderabad (and off-course spent couple of Grands!!!!!!) to buy that so called Original Pearl Jewelry with some better quality finish.

    God save me 🙂 and all the men in this world from women.

    By the way, nice piece of advise and the to-the-point review. appreciate your work.

  9. With my personal experience just wanted 2 say that HS 18 do not test the products. They just promote. However when looking at the product u can decide what they show is true or if they r faking. I purchased a beetle tablet, few necklaces, sarees etc. They r just perfect. If the products r bad we need 2 blame the manufactures only n not HS18.

  10. Homeshop18 is a Biggest cheat asked for calling tab and sent wifi tab and when check even camera is owrst not visible anything. launched complaint team asking to visit service center issue from 1st day and not resolution.

    Sells and Fake and Cheap product and when time to replace or refund. Never Agree for that worst policies and worst Customer Service.

    Instead I would recomment buying from Internet online stores e.g.,, ** at least you have security that product will be definitely replaced or money would be refunded. There is never so much argument on refund or replacement.

    Overall Worst Experience and I had came in touch with lot of other people where HomeShop18 cheated and not agreeing to refund or replace the product.

    Will Never Ever Shop again with HomeShop18 or any TV Channel Sellers.

  11. I would like to share my experience that I have buy two mobiles one is reach mobile and another one is spice x life proton every feature is good whatever the information they have given about the product in t.v. is same and all features are working so iam.saying to everyone that hs18 makes me really happy

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