Dec 18, 2009

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Top 10 hosting, unlimited hosting

I feel now the world has been divided into two parts. One, where we live and another is the Internet World.  In this era (21st Century) we must need a website to showcase our branding in the web world. So, every time we use to think, which hosting provider is best which we can choose for our site.  Its pretty difficult to choose something out of a bunch. Now  a  days, most of the hosting providers like Bluehost, Justhost, Dreamhost etc are stating that with there package you will get Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Space, but don’t fall into that trap. They are very good, may be the best service providers but according to me listing that information is wrong. They always have a restriction of bandwidth usage and space usage for there users.  Actually, nothing is Unlimited every thing is restricted. Kindly go through the tearms and conditions of any hosting provider you are choosing to host your site with. There you can see the actual service they are offering.  Don’t just accept the tearms and conditions, read them thoroughly so that, you will not have any chance to repent or complain. You can check the following URLs to see the top hosting service providers. Choose the best you feel after reading there terms and conditions.

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