Dec 12, 2009

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Wespro mobile review

Wespro mobile review

Wespro, I haven’t heard this name ever, got to know about this brand from homeshop18. Purchased a mobile and I am daily repenting. The worst products they sale. I also have seen there handi cams and other things, be careful before purchasing any product. The quality of the material used by them is worst.

If you will purchase any webcam / handi cam / cam corder from them you gonna suffer a lot later, coz of the low battery backup.

My experience is, I have purchased a Wespro mobile after receiving the product I have found that the sound system is not working, got frusted sent a request for replacement, great they have replaced the product, but, what I have found is they have given me a old mobile few contact lists were there in the contact book, few personal pics of some guys were there and a lot more things to identify that the mobile is a used one.

Well, no issues as it is used, old is gold I thought the same and have started using it. Hmm what happens I see that after every 2-3 hrs it makes a sound and the mobile gets hanged, why is so !! I was searching for its reason reason and reason. Finally I have got that the battery being used it a worst one. You have to keep charging it always. Isnt it nice ??

I was tired to call them up again and ask them for replacement or so, even I was not having time to do all these. So, finally what I did. As, I used to work with my laptop I have connected the USB charger with my laptop and it gets charged every time I use my laptop. Fortunately I use it for 24hrs. So, I have no issues now. But, you guys needs to be careful before purchasing any wespro products.

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