Jun 17, 2010

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Support for icycountdown module.

Kindly post your queries related to mod_icycountdown module, all the queries will be answered asap.


Features are

1-> Set your event time

2-> Customized title, can be placed up or below the timer.

3-> Can have MULTIPLE INSTANCES of this module (see below)

4-> Style the title with custom css

5-> Adjust the width, height, color for the event box by specifying your favorite color code.

6-> Select how you want to display the countdown timer 


You can choose any selective option from these.

7-> You can select your language from 34 (available language) option.

How to set multiple instances of ICY Countdown


1-> Go to Extentions->Module Manager in your Joomla Admin Panel

2-> Click on NEW

3-> Then select ICYCOUNTDOWN module from there

4-> Go next and assign a new module position for it, set up your different date that you want to

5-> Now, go to index.php of your template file and call that module again in the 2nd row of your table with the new module position name.

  1. Mr. Ms,

    First, thank you very much for providing this type of modules.
    I wonder why the countdown module can not go out twice in one article?. I called the module in content but only displays a clock, not two.
    I have also tried to place several countdown on the front-end and do not work, leaving only one independent to the module where you place

    I would greatly appreciate for your reply


    • Do you want both the modules to display the same time in the count-down or different time ?

  2. Jose Usher says:

    Hello Dharam,

    Thank for reply,

    I want to put diferent time (5 or more count-down in a module for example), but now just can show 1 count in a content, front-end or position.
    I try to put in a table diferent time.

    Best Regards,


    • Hi,

      Upon checking the details, it seems joomla only creates one instance of the module when you call it (even for more than once). I am looking at the issue, and as soon as I get the solution, I will be posting an update. You will receive the email when I find a fix and post it. Thanks for your interest in the module, your feedback was much valuable for me. I am working on the fix. Cheers!!

    • Jose,

      I have got a temporary solution for you, and unfortunately It seems joomla works like this when you want to use multiple instances of the module .. Please follow the following steps.

      1-> Go to Extentions->Module Manager in your Joomla Admin Panel

      2-> Click on NEW

      3-> Then select ICYCOUNTDOWN module from there

      4-> Go next and assign a new module position for it, set up your different date that you want to

      5-> Now, go to index.php of your template file and call that module again in the 2nd row of your table with the new module position name.

      I hope this works, let me know if you need any more help. I would love you can provide a nice feedback at joomla extension site.

      Forgot to mention, please download the latest version 1.1 Download Page

  3. Jose Usher says:

    Thanks for the reply.
    I hope you find a solution, i like your work.
    I will provide a feedback in joomla extension!!! Because this module it’s work find, just have this small problem. It’s solutionable.

    This is my code, where in the TOP_2 i have the table, with the count-down. I call a module (mod_custom) who have the connection with thw article (in the custom i have {article} ID article {/article}) who have the count-down:

    countModules(‘top_1’) || $this->countModules(‘top_2’) || $this->countModules(‘top_3’)) { ?>

    countModules(‘top_1’)) { ?>
    <div id="s5_advert4_”>

    countModules(‘top_2’)) { ?>
    <div id="s5_advert5_”>

    countModules(‘top_3’)) { ?>
    <div id="s5_advert6_”>

    Do you have a suggestion for how i post the name of module…. Just replace top_2 whit the name of my new module?

    PD: Sorry for my english, i’m form Paraguay.


    • Hi,

      What you need to do is.. download the latest module now. Install it and assign it a position.. lets say top_1

      then follow the step to create another instance of the module and assign it another position called top_2

      then you need to call them the way you are doing.. and it should work. Let me know if it doesnt work.

  4. Jose Usher says:

    Ir’s works!!!

    Thank you very much for the fast solution.
    I will post in the Joomla extensios, because i test so many countdown, and this is the first who have the solution, to appear many time in diferent modules!

    I can colaborate for the traslation in Spanish!


    • It sounds awesome. Enjoy!!

      I think if you can change the color of the border etc in module manager to match your sites theme, it will look more better.

      Have a great day. I dint get the idea of spanish translation. Actually you can select your custom language as Spanish if you want the text to be displayed in Spanish. It is available in the module manager. Thanks!!

      Good Night.

  5. Jose Usher says:

    Thanks you!
    Yes, i know, this option i like to!

    I have great day really, finaly i can find a module who work well,

    Kind Regards,


  6. Hi Dharam, and thanks a lot for this fantastic module. I totally love it and my client loved it (you can see it here http://www.hreggnasi.is). We use it to count down to the next salmon season…anyway, the module works great in Firefox but in IE it’s like it does not recognize the css. It get’s the parameters you put in the module itself but not the css. We would be very grateful if you could check this out but unfortunately then there are still some people out there that use this crap app…

    • Thanks Einarsson,

      I will check this and will let you know asap. Thank you for pointing out the issue.

  7. Hi, Thank you for wonderfull plugin. Its work perfect. But When its published all my jw flv popup video not working. So i had to disable your plugin. Could you please tell me the way i can work it while my pupup functioning. Thanks in advance !

    • Hi Max,

      I cant see it enabled in your site, this module is wrote using JQuery. There might be some issue with javascript conflicting. Enable it and then we can debug it once.


  8. Hi, Dharam,

    Thank you for speedy response. OK. I have pulished it now. You can see it on the right hand side. Now no video popups working. Videos are with thumbnails and links which is located on the right hand side. I am sorry, you might not understand the lunguage 🙂 !!. Thanks in advance for me to sort out this. Waiting for your advise !.

    • Hi Max,

      I think it is because your video popup code is depending upon mootols, and my countdown is written in javascript. So there is a conflict. You may try to modify my module code using JQuery No Conflict.

      I am not sure why Joomla supports and load mootols 🙂 I personally hate using it. I love JQuery so did it using that.

      See if you can find any alternative count down for this, else dont use modules which are depending upon Mootols…


  9. I was wondering what file and where I would need to modify to have the countdown be until midnight each day – So the end Day is always the current day.



  10. OK, I figured it out,

    I changed the top of the file mod_icycountdown.php to look like this adding one line ($todays_date) and then modified $target_date;

    $todays_date = date(“Y-m-d”);

    //get all the params

    $target_date = $todays_date;
    $cd_format = $params->get(‘cdformat’);

  11. jonathan says:

    can individual users configure this to their needs or is this set by administrators only? I’m looking for something for a social media type site that users can set a countdown for individual purpose.

  12. BrentonK says:


    I am looking for some specific functionality and was wanting to know if icycountdown can do it.

    Basically we have 24 hour daily sales. So I need the timer to count down from 24:00:00 to 0:00:00 then automatically refresh at 24:00:00 to 0:00:00 on a continuous cycle.

    That way we don’t have to log back in every day at a specific time to reset the module.

    Thanks in advance!

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