Jun 3, 2011

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Difference between Flex and Flash Builder

Though it is a basic question for the experts it always drive few beginners nuts thinking what is the difference between “Flex” and “Flash Builder”. Should I learn Flex OR Flash builder. Well the difference is nothing.

When Adobe thought to provide an tool to the developers for developing RIA (Rich Internet Applications) they had come up with Flex 3. Later after more research and development they have now come up with a better version of Flex called Flash Builder 4.

When Flex had come into market many people/programmers got confused between Flex and Flash. To further explain, Flex (Currently Flash Builder) is infact a SDK to develop RIA whose out put will be in flash. It makes the action scripting easy. The work which can be done in Flash in about 5 days can be easily achived in Flex with in a day.

  1. saravanan says:

    good explanation. I really confused with the samething before i read this page.


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