Dec 15, 2009

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Freelancing, my view about it

Freelancing is the word now every developer and buyer knows. There are a lots of free lance sites which are getting the business done and all the parties involved here are benefited. A freelancer is someone who used to be in profit, make client happy and save clients money which the client would have paid as extra if gone through any MNC/CMM kinda companies.

Being a freelancer is easy, just go and register at some free lancing site and bid for projects. Show some links as yours to client and get the project. Providing a good and reasonable bid is also important.

Buyers might hire you as you are offering less price to get the job done, though you are in-experienced.

For buyers

What will the in-experienced developer will do. He/she will take your site as a dummy project or even as a project, write some junk code which will work fine but will have 1000 lines of security holes in it. Put a good template over it to show the client that site is good. Delivers the project, client is happy – coder is happy. What happens after some days. The site is hacked, developer is not available and the client(buyer) is worried and will again post a project. This cycle goes on.

Being a developer we need to promise our self to provide quality of service to the buyer, but that would increase the cost of the project and buyer is not ready coz, he has received a less bid. My advice to the buyers is to spend a little bit of extra money and get a solid site running which will give you less problems in your future. Don’t just trust any coder, even if you are not a tech guy, google is there find few questions and ask the coder to test him/her if he or she is the right candidate to do your job.

Few of the best freelance websites are

Best for coders, and great for buyers, thought buyers will have 10% of the project bid as service fee, the number of quality developers at Odesk is more. The hourly billing system at odesk is one of its best feature. Recently the hourly billing system have been introduced at RAC too.

RAC (Rent A Coder)
Good for buyers and coders, but here coders have to loose 15% of the project price which will be charged as the service fee.

There are many more freelancing sites but, I like both of this.

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